Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fancy and traditional Pashtoon Afghani frocks !!!

Pashtoons and Afghans have a very rich traditional culture. Its colorful dresses and frocks are very much popular. They looks very fabulous and pleasant. Usually pure Afghani dresses are difficult to find in Pakistan now. There was a time when Afghanistan people migrated to Pakistan during 1980,s. It was a time when Peshawar was heavily crowded with these immigrants. Immigrations always leads to acculturation where two different cultures mix together. Such type of situation make the locals to adopt the new culture some patterns according to its needs. Mostly people do adopt the fashion trends especially in dresses.
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Pashtoon Afghani frocks

Traditional Pashtoon dress of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and Afghanistan are usually loose fitted. Belts are used to tighten up accoring to one adjustment. Both formal and casual frocks are available in Pashtoon Afghani dresses. fancy frocks are worn on special occasions and weddings.While some are being called Koochi tribal frocks. Koochi is Pashto word, which mean nomadic. They are usually made of printed linens. while formal fancy frocks are made from brocade, velvet rich colors.

Here iam gonna share some of them both in kid girls as well as variety for elders. In some places all over peshawar a very good quality is on display while some where using a bit low quality in dress material. While good quality can be noticed in the very first glance as well the low quality.

These frocks are adorn with different kinds of traditional accessories. Such as different kind of silver studs with rich blue, pink colours, diamantes and motif.

Silver motif

In these traditional dresses a variety of stitching techniques are used.

Much embroidery is made on the bodice of the dress and the sleeves cuffs.
 Typical traditional Pashtoon frocks never comes with half sleeves. The length of sleeves can either end just below the elbow or continue down to the wrist. Sleeves are usually widen towards the cuffs.

Mostly silk and rich colour tones are used in these traditional dresses. With such attires silver jewelry adorn with colourful stones are worn by the women.

Fancy traditional Afghani frock in maroon velvet with golden thread embroidery with matching pant and maroon chadar (duppata)

Sea shells weave in black thread in the form of necklaces and wrist bands are used to ensure safety from the evil eyes among pakhtoons.For the concept of evil eye click here


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