Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A visit to Lahore Fort...

Lahore was the center of Mughul Emperors. It has attained the splendid glory during the reign of Mughual Emperor JALAL UD DIN MUHAMMAD AKBAR (1556-1605 A.D).  King Akbar was fond of unique architecture. Lahore Fort or Royal Fort is one of the magnificent fort that has a majestic history. This Fort speaks of the artistic genius of the creator's mind. This fort has a beautiful garden in front of it known as Huzori Bagh.

It has seen the rise and fall of Mughual Emperors, the Sikhs and the colonial rulers. Mughual Emperor Dom started from Akbar the great (1556-1605AD) to the emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir (1658-1707AD). The reign of Mughul Empire Shah Jahan ended in 1658. Later on the throne shifted to his son Aurangzeb Alamgir.

I have always liked the heritage sites. This is one of the glorious heritage in Pakistan. After reading historical stories of the Muslim kings, emperors and their lives, it is a wonderful experience to visit all these heritage sites in Lahore, Pakistan in actual. I am thankful to Mr. Muhammad Ilyas Bhatti, Curator, Allama Iqbal Museum, Lahore, who have helped me through his guide book entitled " Lahore Fort".

Lahore Fort
 There are two gates of the fort. One is known as Alamgiri Gate and another one is Shah burj Gate.
 Alamgiri gate is supposed to be the main entrance to the fort. It is such a huge gate with an inspiring building of the fort.

King Jalal ud Din Muhammad Akbar

Lahore fort is also called as Shahi qila or Royal fort. It is standing with such a grandeur, that attract the visitors not only from Pakistan but also from around the world.

In Urdu it is called as Shahi Qila. Shahi Qila is an urdu word which mean ROYAL and Qila means FORT

An old painting of Huzori bagh and behind is Lahore fort representing the Mughul era.

A new picture of same location as shown in above painting
  Lahore Fort is situated in front of Badshahi Mosque near the old city of Lahore. It  was included in World Heritage List in 1981. Jalal ud din Muhammad akbar has initially build the present brick masonry fort on earlier foundations. Shahab ud din Shah Jahan (1627-1658) constructed palaces in the fort and built tombs and gardens in the Lahore city.

The fort has two entrances. One is main entry known as ALAMGIRI GATE. Another one is known as SHAH BURJ GATE, that was supposed to be exclusively used by Emperors only.

This Gate was exclusively used on by royals and nobles during Emperor period.

There are stairs made as broad as for the emperors's elephants so that they can go upstairs to their palaces on their elephants through SHAH BURJ GATE of the Lahore Fort.

Long ago when i visited the fort there used to be a stall, where sold the decoration pieces and jewlry made of  Ivory. But now nothing such  ivory souvenir stalls were present there . I have missed them too much.

View of ath dara building : mean ( A building with eight openings). Ranjit Singh used it as a court of Justice.

Fort has richly engraved balconies. From these Balconies one can gazed the city area. Lahore city hustle bustle can be seen from one of its balcony.  Minar e Pakistan can be clearly viewed from here.

Mughul era designes engraved in the wall

View of Minar e Pakistan , a monument in Lahore


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