Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fancy Afghani and Kuchi style frocks

Pashtuns and Afghans have a very rich traditional culture. Their colorful dresses and frocks are very much popular. They looks very fabulous and gorgeous. Usually pure Afghani dresses are difficult to find because they have left with fewer outlets in Peshawar where you can purchase good quality fabric of these colorful dresses both ready to wear and also on order. There was a time when Afghanistan people migrated to Pakistan during 1980,s. It was a time, when Peshawar and the adjacent areas of the north west in Pakistan were inhabited with these immigrants. Immigrations always leads to acculturation where two different cultures mix together. In such situation the locals people adopt some of the the new culture's patterns according to its needs and interest. Mostly people do adopt the fashion trends especially in dresses, though Pashtuns of northwest of Pakistan and Afghanistan already share same values and traditions. Still Afghani's have a very brilliant place in designing the handicrafts such as traditional dresses, the hand bags and different kinds of tribal jewelry. Here i am going to share some of the beautiful frocks i found in Peshawar, though i was looking quite long for them and finally i found all the stuff under one roof.

 Traditional Pashtun dress of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, tribal areas and Afghanistan are usually loose fitted. Belts are used to tighten up according to one's adjustment. How ever there is bit difference between Fancy Afghani frocks and the Kuchi style.Word "Koochi" is basically Pashto language word, which mean "nomadic". They are usually made of printed linen and bit rough and tough.

Fancy frocks are worn on special occasions and weddings,made from brocade, velvet rich colors.These frocks are adorn with different kinds of traditional accessories. Such as different kinds of laces, silver studs with rich blue, pink colors, diamntes and motif.

Traditional handbags for girls
Traditional style handbag

Tribal jewelry

Kuchi style frocks, bit roughly stitched as compared to the more sophisticated and fancy frocks. These are deliberately cut and stitched roughly because it is a nomadic style. The women worn such dresses usually lives in far away rural areas and mostly associated with grazing the cattle.


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