The following informations are based on interviews, taken from the local people.
Hunza History:
The origin of hunza people is unclear. Hunza kuts tell us a legend of three soliders, came from the army of “Alexander the Great”, who have passed through Pakistan in 325 BC. They settled in the valley with their Persian wives and founded the first villages named Altit, Baltit and Ganesh.
Early in 19th century i.e; in 1820’s the Mir (King) of Hunza, Silum Khan II, who had spend a temporary exile in Badakhashan, was converted to Ismaeli creed by a Pir (religious leader) there. Hunza , Gojal (Upper Hunza) still followed him.

The Mir’s son was elected to the northern area council and is still enjoying great respect and privileged for his lineage and wealth.

Gujal (Upper Hunza), the local people call it GOJAL VALLEY means VALLEY OF FAIRIES.


  1. I read information about Hunza History,nice short detail but you did give information about type of religion there, during my travell to China, i stayed some there in Hunza, i heard that these people dont allow outsiders or people of other part of country to settle there, buy home or do business there. Do you know about this? Let me know.

  2. Yea you are absolutely right. Almost 100% hunza population is consisted on locals. I didnt see any person, who have come from other part of country to live and do business here. During my stay in Hunza, i saw their religious places but they didnt allow outsider to enter inside.

  3. And did you see people looking for Gold in running water coming down from mountains, i saw them down from the road which go to chinese border. Very less quantity of gold can be fine MAYBE...

  4. Hunza has 100% Ismaili(Aga Khani) population. Hunza people also have the distinction to have highest average life of 85 years in Pakistan.


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