Travel to Hunza,Gilgit(Northern areas of Pakistan)

It was few years back when i been to Hunza with my University fellows. Basically it was a study tour about their culture, religion, social life and political structure. Here in this blog iam trying to share some of my knowledge with my friends.
Derivation of the word "Hunza". The word 'Hunza" has been derived from word Hunzo which means an arrow.

Hunza valley is divided into two Tehsils.

1) Gulmit

2) Aliabad

Further division of Hunza valley in three parts.

1) Lower Hunza ( Shinaki)
2) Central Hunza ( Hunzo)

3) Upper Hunza (Gujal)
The hospitable and friendly people of hunza speaks three different languages.

The aboriginal Burushaski, spoken in central hunza (Hunzo), is the main lamguage while
in lower Hunza (Shinaki), language spoken in Shina
and wakhi language is spoken in upper hunza (Gujal)


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