A trip to Picturesque Galliat

The word Galliat is derived from an Urdu word (Gali), which mean a narrow street or a passage way between two mountains on both sides of which there are valleys and it is not the highest point in the range. Many of the towns in the area have the word gali as part of their names. Like

Khairagali (punjab)
Baragali (NWFP)
Changlagali (NWFP)
Dungagali (NWFP)
Ghoragali (Punjab)
Nathiagali (NWFP)
Ayubia (NWFP)
Burbon (NWFP)
Patriata (is also called New Murree).

Last month my family decided to have a trip to galliat. So here is a brief description along with pictures of this wonderful journey.

Almost all these above galiats are the different towns upon which Muree is consisted. Murree is also a great summer tourist destination. Administratively Murree is part of Rawalpindi District of Pakistani Punjab.
The most important place in Murree is Mall road, which is over populated with the tourists every time since am to pm. There are lots of hotels and resturants in that place but almost all are contructed without any proper planning. A lot of hustle and bustle by the hotel team workers there. Most of the tourists gets disturb with them coz they shows overcourtesy.
Two worth seeing points from the place are Kashmir point with the views across the valley of Jhelum river into kashmir at the Northest end and another is the pindi point at the southest end. Between the two is Mall.

People who are fond of natural beauty and trekking should move ahead to galliat directly. Some people likes just to enjoy the nature without any interupptions so they must explore galliat, especially their sound and peacful treks leading to the hills.

Three ways to Muree :

© One is through Muree pindi road which has lot of traffic pressure. It took much time to reach to destination
© Another is by way through Chattar Park. Chattar park is totally deserted now adays. It was once a time a favourite tourist park especially for the children from schools. I remember when we were in school, we use to spend whole day there. It was lovely and worth seeing . But today because of lack of our tourism administration, it got destroyed. It old contarct has finished and the contractor left it. While no new contractor is going to handle it. The animals in its zoo have gone died. I wish our Tourism department gets rise to take some practical step towards making it green again for the public.
© The third and the most comfortable way to Murree is constructed from the toll plaza . It’s a bit steep but most comfortable and panaromic. Its very neat and without any hurdles. Moreover there is very small no of traffic mostly consisted on private cars. I wish the heavy trucks and other such vehicles don’t spoil its beauty. This road is not suitable for heavy vehicles.
Burban : It is situated at the distance of 13 km from Murree on one of the main road leading to Azad Kashmir. PC at Burbon is 10km from Murree.
Patriata is 15km in southeast of Murree. The hill station is a tourist location as the climate here is much cooler than further south. There is a chair lift and cable car system for transportation to the highest point. The area is heavily forested and there are manMukeshpuri or Moshpuri is 2,800 metre (9,100 foot) high hill in the Nathiagali Hills of Pakistan. Much of it is covered with pine trees. It is almost 90 kilometres from north of Islamabad.y monkeys and leopards in the area.

These are popular summer-holiday destinations in Pakistan. The Galliat region is an area roughly 50-80km north-east of Islamabad, Pakistan, on both sides of the NWFP-Punjab border.
Khairagali is 16km from Muree on the way to Nathiagali
Changlagali is a few km ahead of khairagali. Khairagali is the highest point in Muree galliat. A few km from changagali is Kuzagali. At the right side of khuzagali is Ayubia and its left side is situated Nathiagali
Dungagali is about 30 km from Muree. There is a four km long track from Dungagali to Ayubia. It is a plain track. Dungagali is a beautiful tourist resort, situated on the slopes of Mushkpuri hills. Mushkpuri trek is the second higest hill in galliat. It’s a 3 hour long trek.


Ayubia is after nathiagali . Its 3km and its track is on the right side from the way of nathiagali. It’s a cluster of 4 small hill stations of khanaspur, Khairagali, changlagali and ghora dhaka.And these all four together is called Ayubia. The complex is spread over on an area of 26km. The central place of ghora dhaka has a chairlift.
Ayubia National Park Trek: This two-miles trek, passing through pine forests covered with mountains. This trek leads through the centre of Ayubia park, starting at Dungagali and extending towards the jhelum river across Ayubia and khanasour boundaries. A walk from Ayubia to Dongagali takes 2 and half hours.

Ayubia covered with clouds

A beautiful view
Nathiagali is about 32km both from Muree as well as Abbotabad. Nathiagali is known
for its scenic beauty, hiking tracks and pleasant weather,
which is much cooler than the rest of the Galiaath due
to it being at a greater altitude.

On the road side you may found plenty of monkeys with their babies.

Monkeys with their babies on the road side

Lots of daisies flowers grown there even on road side. Local people use to make flowers crown from these daisies.

Daisies flowers

Flower Crowns made from daisies

Nathiagali has
rest-houses, and a couple of hotels such as Green Retreat (formerly known as Greens Hotel) which have decent facilities including internet access. There are a few luxurious rest-houses too which can be found through the right contacts.
The church in Nathi Gali is a remnant from the period of British Government, it is totally made of wood. It is situated at the edge of the mountain from which there is a beautiful sight. Kashmir can be seen right behind this church, and is a wonderful scene.

Fabulous Kashmir view

in Nathiagali
Nahia gali has a mini bazzar. The nearest place to Nathi Gali is Kala Bagh. Mukshpuri and Miranjani are two nearby high peaks.

Meranjani trek is one of the popular trek in the way of nathiagali. It is mostly covered in dark clouds. Meranjani is the highest hill in galliat range, Two treks leads to Meranjani hill top from near the governor house in Nathiagali.
Another most important trek is Lalazar trek. Its about 1km trek from Nathiagali.

During British rule Nathia Gali, then part of Abbottabad tehsil of Hazara District, served as the summer head-quarters of the Chief Commissioner. In summers Governor from the NWFP rest in the below governor house and handle all the provincial activities from here. One thing is point to be noted that during his visit and stay to governor house the place is close for the public, even the attached park and the routes which leads to the other beautiful spots of Nathiagali.

Governor house in Nathiagali


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