"A Visit to Lalarukh Tomb and Mughal garden"

Lalarukh tomb and garden is located in Hasan Abdal near the Panja Sahib Gurdwara.

A brief history of Hasan Abdal: Hasan Abdal is an historic town in Northern Punjab, Pakitan. It is 40 km northwest of Rawalpindi. It has a population of about over 50,000.

On the nearby hill there is a meditation chamber attributed to a saint Baba Hasan Abdal also known as Baba Wali Kandhari with local folks. The city is named after this saint.

It was a favourite resting place of the Mughal emperors on their way to and from Kashmir and Kabul

It is famous for Gurdwara Sri Panja Sahib, one of the most sacred places of Sikhism. Thousands of Sikhs visit the Gurudwara on the eve of Besakhi every year. The other historical place is a tomb erroneously called Lala Rukh Tomb.

Mughal emperors loved beautiful sceneries, valleys and natural water falls. This natural attachment created an idea in their minds to establish gardens. Shalimar Garden of Lahore and Mughal Garden of Wah are the beautiful examples of their great love with nature. We find similar example of gardens which Mughal Emperors made with the tombs. There is a great similarity in Shalimar Garden of Lahore and Mughal Gardens of Wah with all specialities of fine and customary constructions which made the Mughal Gardens famous all over the world.

History of Lalarukh Tomb: There is a myth regarding this tomb by the local people that its belong from Mughal Emperors once they were passing from the area, a princess named lalarukh got sick in the mid way and died so she was buried here. There is a grave inside a square walled Garden and a fresh water fish pond near the tomb.

The Emperor Jahangir makes no mention of lalarukh tomb in his memoirs, which suggests that it did not exist during his time.

Some writer wrongly asserted that Empress Noor Jehan was buried here. In 1905, the tomb was first described in the revenue records as Maqbara Bibi Lala Rukh (the Tomb of Lady Lala Rukh). Later historians believe that British officers of the time, charmed by Thomas More's imaginary heroine, might have mistaken the place as such. More says he patterned his heroine after the Emperor Aurengzeb Alamgir's daughter, but history shows that none of the Emperor's daughters was named Lala Rukh, nor did any visited Hasan Abdal. Thus the occupant of the tomb is unknown, and some modern writers refer to it only as Saroo Wala Maqbara (the Tomb with Cypresses) after the ancient trees on the site.

In spite of the controversy, the tomb attracts a fair number of tourists for its scenic beauty and romantic associations. The Sikhs who come to Hasan Abdal on their annual pilgrimage frequent the place.

The other historical building of Mughal era (Muqbara Hakeeman) located just opposite the Gurdwara.


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