A visit to Wah Garden( Mughal Garden)

It is located between Wah Cantt and Hasan Abdal on the main G.T road. The whole area is famous for its spring, shrines and greenry. Its history traces back to Mughal Emperors and the remains of them still visible in the area. There are many archeological sites in the area, which reminds us the glorious Mughal era.

Derivation of the word Wah: The word "Wah Garden" means " What a Garden" . Wah is an urdu sign of exclaimation. In history of this area word Wah is used by the Mughal Emperor Akbar , when he first saw the clear, rushing water and greenry of the location.,he said "Wah" (Wow) and after that the place is termed as Wah Garden. Its also called as Mughal Garden.


Later on, the fourth Mughal Rular Jahangir (son of Akbar) provided the first detailed Mughal account of the site and this garden. The 6th rular Auranzeb stayed here for over a year.

The garden has a clear, cool springs that collect in a large square tank. There is a ponds near the main gate of the garden, where locals use to take bath and stay inside the cold water during the noons of summers.


  1. Excellent camera work..you have taken superb pictures..The area is definately very beautiful and well maintained..I wonder who are the managers of this historical site as the ponds are giving a crystal clear look...Otherwise people in Pakistan are always eager to throw polythene bags and other waste inside such ponds..
    And when did you visit this area? if i am not wrong it must be during spring..


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