Education system in Hunza

Education department of northern area was organized in 1975. During 1976 AKES (Agha Khan Education System) start getting control of this area. They established 152 primary, 56 middle and high schools in different district of northern area.

Education is given prior importance. According to their spiritual leader Prince Karim Agha Khan, “if not possible for parents to provide education to both of their children that is a son and a daughter, then preference should be given to daughters. Moreover the community gives support to those students, who are intelligent and having guts to achieve some thing.
Even for the selection of leadership 100% people prefer education, then behavior of the person and then family background


  1. You have rightly quoted the farman mubarak of his highness the Aga Khan, emphasizing more importance on female education. This is the reason that Hunza people have 100% literacy rate..
    Even Chitral stood second after Mardan in literacy rate in NWFP..Thanks to Aga Khan Education Service (AKES) for remaining there despite some tough resistance on parts of some extremist elements..


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