Housing patterns of Hunza People

Every where in Gujal valley (Upper Hunza) and central hunza we observed scatterd houses, rough and stony paths leading to the neighbouring house. Each house is consisted upon one main room, at the side of which kitchen was made, and with a small chimney in the center. With the walls of the room, floor bedding is kept which was used both as guest room as well as bedroom.
We also observed karimabad (central Hunza) more developed in comparison to Gujal valley (upper hunza, because it is the capital of area and center of tourists and business. Housing pattern is the same but with little modification.


  1. Housing patterns in Chitral are very much common to Hunza and Gujal. These patterns are an example of superb engineering work of their time having under one roof without any boundry wall a kitchen, sitting room, two bedrooms, two storage rooms for flour, one storage room for woods for burning purpose and one room as a store house for misc things..


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