Political behaviour of Hunza People

Political behaviour means that how people engaged themselves in politics. In hunza usually selection system is prevailed. It mean there are nor formal political authorities, noe executives, legislatures and judiciary in formal sense. There are different candidates, who are informally selected ,having their own motives, such as Nambardar (Locally known as Arbob) Mukhi (Camedia-assistant-Mukhi).

Political awareness:

It mean to what extent people are politically aware.
Hunza people are politically aware society, because they knew about the systems going on in their regional levels, which is a democratic process, because no one forces them. They select their leaders by own will. This political awareness is the result of education.
Women are found less active in politics in comparison to their males, though they are equally qualified. Following are the two reasons.
1) : Hunza females don’t keep any interest in politics
2) : They are usually engaged in domestic work.

One thing is to be noted that hunza society is mainly dominated by its religion. They are financially supported by their spiritual Leaders


  1. Till recent past not only Hunza but whole of the Northern Areas were not engaged in political process. Even they had no voting rights in Pakistan elections. On their ID cards they were referred to as AJ&K citizens.

    In 2001 or later the then President Pervaiz Musharaff introduced Legal Framework Order (LFO)through which Northern Areas Legislative Council was established. Now people of NAs not only cast vote in Pakistan elections but also they elect their representatives to this council. In this was they are now actively engaged in political process.

    Second important point which you have highlighted is regarding Mikhi and Camedia. Both these leaders have nothing to do with politics and they are not elected by the people. They are prayer leaders of Ismaili community and are selected by His Highness the Aga Khan. Just for example you can compare them with Imam of a Masjid who leads prayers. Mukhi and Camadia are not paid for rather they work voluntarily. Their selection is held on yearly basis.

    One more point, Hunza people are not financialy supported by their spiritual leader. But you can say that they have more work opportunities available due to the presence of Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). People work for AKDN and receive salaries for their job. Ismaili community you can say has more advantages in terms of scholarships for meritorious students only.

  2. Thank you Farman for the update. During my visit i met to the member of Raja family of hunza. He told me that hunza people want to affiliate with pakistan but pakistan Govt dont consider them part of pakistan.

    I am happy to know about the recent improvements.

    I been to hunza in 2003. I think all these changes are promulgated after 2003 by Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf.

  3. Welcome...yes you are right all these changes were introduced by former president Pervaiz Musharaff.


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