Religion of Hunza People

Northern Areas consists of five districts namely; Skardu, Ghanche, Diamir, Ghizar, Gilgit, and Astore.

The people of hunza (Federally Administered Northern Areas) and chitral (which falls in NWFP and is a district of Malakand Division) are muslims, except 3,000 Kalashi tribal people in chitral. Kalash people live in three valleys of Chitral namely; Bumburet, Rumber and Birir

People of Hunza are Ismaelis.
The Ismaelis, the followers of Prince Karim Agha Khan, the present Ismaeli Imam, are an offshoot of the shias, who broke away in the 7th century to follow a brother of the shia Imam called Ismael.
The people of Northern areas are fairly divided among three sects, each influenced by different missionaries. Ismaeli missionaries converted parts of chitral in the 10th century, pathan sunni missionaries came up the Indus from Swat in about the 16th century and shia Muslim spread in to Baltistan from Kashmir before 17th century. Finally, in early 17th century, Hunza was converted from Shia to Ismaeli, the influence coming in from Badakhshan in Afghanistan. The people of northern Pakistan still hold a strong belief in fairies, witches and wizards.


  1. I am weak in history..but according my little knowledge, the information you have shared is valid.

    It is interesting to note that many people in Chitral also belief in fairies..even there are many mountains, which people think are abode to different fairies..these mountains remain covered with snow throughout the year.

  2. Farman, thank you for sharing your comments. Would you like to write a few lines more about those mountains where fairies are supposed to be living according to local people belief?

  3. Two such mountains which i know are close to my village. One is the well-know Tirich Mir which is the highest peak of Hindikush range..The other one is Rokhun which is located in Munoor valley of Garam Chashma..There are many other such mountains in upper Chitral but i don't know their exact name..

    There are also some places in the moutains, which people belief are racecourse of fairies.. One such place is located over my village, Mough. People call it with the name of Istor Daini..Last time when we visited this place it took us 12 hours to reach there on foot.


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