Voting Behaviour

Hunza people are satisfied from the existing structure that is why voting behaviour of people is very good. They have tolerance for each other. People gives comments of voting situation but they never quarrels. People tells truth confidently about their preferences regarding the choice of their political leaders without any hesitation.

Onlocal level there is no election system, such as village council, Arbitration council, union council etc. All of the leaders of these local organizations are selected informally. While in northern area council, election system prevailed in which there is no compulsion for the voters. They can give vote to any candidate they likes.
Then the “winner candidate” on local level arrange a function locally known as “Tamsaha”, in which they celebrate their victory

Structure of Hunza Political system
At the top is located Northern Area Council, which is an elected body.

District Council
Union Council ® (Elected Bodies)
Regional Council

At local level following bodies existed
Local level council ® Selected body
Village level council ® Selected body

There is Agha khan network, which consisted on councils on both Pakistan and Regional levels. They have their own rules and regulations.

On Pakistan level, Its been called as Ismaeli National Council of Pakistan.
On Regional level, its been called as Ismaeli Regional Council
While there is another local level council which is known as Local council for Gulmit, Khaiber and Pasu etc)
These above Ismaelis councils are not involved in politics. In Northern area Council, there is one speaker, 24 members.

Conflict resolution among hunza people:

Usually conflicts arise when one person or group of person opposes other person or group of person.

In hunza conflicts are solved locally and informally. People don’t prefer to go to courts and police. Only in extreme cases it happens.
Majority of the people are peace loving so there comes rarely any serious sort of conflicts. In case it arise then they prefer to settle conflict through traditional ways that’s is Jirga system. Only murder cases are brought to police and courts. The police station don’t exists in their jurisdiction. The local people keep them away from the locality so the nearly police station may be in the Gilgit


  1. Your information is perfect about the councils of Ismaili community. The community members always prefer to resolve their disputes at the council level and in 90 percent cases they remain sucessful. But in some serious matters they had no other option but to knock the door of court.


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