Marriage arrangements among pakhtuns:

Three types of marriage arrangements exist among pukhtuns.

1) Arrange by parents. (Most widely practicing in traditional rural families of pukhtuns)

2) Arrange by parents with the consent of the marrying individuals. (Mostly practice among pukhtuns living in urban areas)

3) Arrange by the partners without parents consent. (This type is not supported by parents and family)

The first two types of marriages are the most acceptable in Pukhtun society. Parents and family gives maximum support to the couple in these types of marriages.

Arrange marriage is the traditional pattern of marriage among pukhtuns and it’s the most prevailing form of marriage. In it children are consider as a property and could be treated in any way parents likes. Such type of marriage involves in those families, who had access to economic resources in the village.

Second one is practice in those families, who had no access to economic resources in the village, but their children are highly educated and had gainful job with in or outside the country. In such families, selection of the girl is based on economic status, prestige, occupation, family background and beauty of the girl.

Parents and family of the couple usually don’t accept the third one. Some how it happens that parents do accept it after some time. But in majority of cases, it is not consider proper way to get married without parents consent. In such situation the couple don’t have any support from their family.


  1. i think 90% people in Pakistan dont like the third type of marriage..Pyar kay doshman..


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