Origin of pakhtuns:

According to Encyclopedia Britanica, the history of pakhtuns is traceable only up to 11th century A.D and not clear before this period.

Some historians says that pukhtuns are one of the Israeli tribes. Greek historian Herodotus writes about a race called “pukti” and some historians believe that pakhtuns are the descendents of the pukhti tribe, written in 5th century B.C.

Nothing can be said about pakhtuns with certainty. They are living on both sides of Durand Line in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The pakhtuns are great warriors and fighters, they are invincible and never defeated by any invaders in the past. Its only in recent time when they are going through a tough times only because of religious extremism of its own people. They have their own codes of ethics, which they strictly follow.

Religious extremism by a particular group of people have influence the rest of peaceful Pukhtuns all over the world. May God bless them and bring them back their lost peace and happiness.


  1. May God give guide to these religious extremists so that every one in this country could feel secure..

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