Kund Park:

Khair Abad Kund is name of small town, which is located between River Indus and River Kabul. Govt. has constructed a recreational park on this spot. The park is known as Kund Park. It is situated on the place, where Attock (Punjab) ends and NWFP starts. There is a small zoo inside the Kund Park, which is of great interest for visitors. This park can be viewed from the main G.T road from Attock to Peshawar via Nowshera.

 There are two ways to reach to the Kund Park. One is through boats and bit adventurous and another is by small single road from a near by town named as Jhangira, where one can pass through inside the rural life to reach to this park. People do uses both the ways. Some people like to get into park through boats while some liked to use by road.

One side of the park River Kabul flows with its great splendor while on the other side River Indus flows with serenity. Both the rivers join together and this view can be seen from the top of Attock Bridge or Khairabad Kund Bridge.

 Water of River Kabul is muddying brownish while River Indus looks very clear with blue color of water.

Small boats are there for the visitors. There are lawns, huts and one restaurant. It’s a beautiful place for the locals. Mostly on weekends and in holidays one can see a lot of rush here. I been to the place twice ago but its first time that I gonna share that with my friends. I remembered very well from my childhood, that this place is of greater attraction for the local people, from almost all around the northwest especially rural people love to visit here in holidays. On second and third days of Eid, one can see lot of rush here.

Children get amused while they do camel riding in the park. Two camels are available for them.
No doubt it is a very good attempt in the area like northwest, where the situation is very worse from last few years and these bad conditions have also given a huge jerk and blow to the local economy as well as to the field of tourism and entertainment.

Over the entire place is good entertainment but still there are some drawbacks.

Though lot of staff was present there for the park look after still there was much space for improvement. There were no benches for the visitors. Either they have to bring their own sheets or they have to sit on the grass. The huts were now getting damage because lack of proper look after. No proper attention was given to plants.

Small walking tracks were made on both sides of the park, from where visitors can get view of River Indus and River Kabul, but people have thrown there lot of shopping bags and juice cans, snacks empty wrappers. It was making this beautiful place a bit clumsy. It is the responsibility of local people and also the visitors to keep the area clean and neat. Every individual is responsible in this regard.


  1. der ala photogan de, beer bacha ma hum paka olido, au peacock hum. hope the people who take care of these birds and animals look some good after these animals? what you say? ((Sta Ror))

  2. ma na google password her shawa de

  3. yes u right, zoo management was trying its best to give a proper looking after to these wild species.

  4. Assalam O alaikum
    The pictures are very nice, I like your comments, i am the owner of the park kindly share the pictures and any comments or suggestions with me thru kundpark@gmail.com.

  5. Thank you Mr. Nasir.
    Iam glad to see you here in my blog. Kindly design some official website for the Kund Park with updated pictures and information's. Kund Park has a beautiful location and visitors do enjoy here. It can attract the attention of more visitors if certain renovation is made.

  6. mujha to bakwas laghta hain kund park ab kocc nahi hain park ma pehla accha tha ..ab fazolllll ....

  7. Picture are awesome, you are looking like professional photographer and location is very awesome but park is not much maintained..


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