Monkey's World

                     As it is often said that WHAT WE TAUGHT, LOVE LASTS FOREVER.

Monkeys are among the smartest animals in the world. They are not easy to train because they can simply refuse to get trained accordingly by their masters yet with a little patience and a little love they can behave very well. May be the master need some how to teach them with a stick but i dont think a stick can works very well. Instead Only love and patience last forever.

Here iam gonna share a monkey who was trying to impress with his stuntsSmile.

No doubt the monkey was looking cute and i wonder the way he was looking handsome too hmmmm. But monkey is after all a Monkey.


  1. da monkey no.1 da kamza da? its galiyat or somewhere else?

  2. da monkey no.1, no.2 da Islamabad de.

  3. I always feel sad when I see monkeys tied up like this in pakistan...I love your photography

  4. Thank you. Yea i agree, its pathetic to treat a living being like this way. But in the last pictures Monkeys are freely wondering on the roads of Nathiagali in Pakistan, a great joy to the tourists.

  5. Although it is sad to see these monkeys being tied up with chains, but I think the keepers of these animals are very poor and they don’t have any other means of earning. It is basically the responsibility of the government to generate other sources of income for them.
    It is also a fact that the masters of these animals try their best to make them happy.
    The monkey with sun glasses resembles one of our senior politicians. No need to mention his name.


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