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It is said that every new path takes you on a journey and fortunately i got an opportunity to travel back to the land of mighty mountains through karakoram highway. The kingdom of Himalaya, Nanga parbat, K2, Rakaposhi and many other beautiful peaks located in the north end of Pakistan. Northern Pakistan is home of some mightiest peaks in the world and most of them are located in karakoram mountain range, one of the most beautiful yet wildest mountain range in the world  This area is basically a base camp for mountaineers. Himalaya emerges from Nepal and runs through India, Pakistan, Bhutan and China.This is land of K2 and many other mightiest mountains. By road this journey is one of the adventurous and enjoyable journey though a bit exhausting and tiresome too but i think it's all worth it when you finally reach to the fairyland Hunza . You may come across through many scenic wonderlands and panoramic valleys. Taking photographs while travelling is about my journey and my exp


There are many replicas of the famous monuments across the world. One of the huge replica's festival, I ever remember is non other than the famous "GLOBAL VILLAGE" held in Dubai every year.   What I am going to share now is about  replica of Eiffel Tower, located in the luxurious neighborhoods in Lahore bahria town, Pakistan. Visited Lahore Eiffel tower today and when I shared the picture, someone asked me when did you go Paris 😅 So that is enough to proof how much it resembles to the original one's. Anyone can be deceived by the first impression of it's picture until and unless you will see it closely. It is a worth visiting place as well bahria grand mosque and Egyptian replicas. There is lift facility to take you up as there seems a  restaurant. Due to time constraint and avoiding any crowd i visited morning but to get the real view one must go in evening.


Mabali resort and adventure club is one of the beautiful addition to the existing places for outings, located on khanpur lake near Khanpur dam. It is easily accessible both from islamabad, peshawar and even lahore as a day trip. Watersports and zipline facility is available here. But if you looking for more adrenaline rush activity then must visit to  SKYBRIDGE ZIPLINE, CHERAT  for Ziplining in beautiful range of Khattak Mountains.  For parasailing  MANGLA WATERSPORTS CLUB  can be visited as well. Location : Located on khanpur lake, you may arrive here through a rough road for almost 10 minutes drive after getting down from main road but still okay for vehicles. Following M2 to M1, you may either get through taxila or way from haripur.  Accommodation : Proper accommodation is available for visitors who want to have night stay. Rooms as well as camping facilities are available.  For further details and packages you might contact to their official site. Though it is somehow new place fo


Many of us have bucket lists for places to travel and things to do. Same i have so many things on my bucket list yet to do. This include some of adventure and watersports as well, apart from travelling, that could be such a real fun time thrilling and unique experiences for life time. That's why i suggest now to try such adventures and fun water sports activities at least once.  Pakistan has lot of potential regarding watersports and other adventure activities. Not only beaches of pakistan but also lakes has possibility to provide a variety of water sports. The only need is good management. In recent years people are showing great interest in such activities. I have already tried a couple of them . One such adventure sport ziplining i did at  SKYBRIDGE ZIPLINE, CHERAT. PAKISTAN.   Another one, Jet ski at MABALI ISLAND, KHANPUR DAM AND LAKE. . However for some watersports i chose Army watersports club Mangla at mangla dam lake. Some of the most popular watersports activities includi


Pure Velvet is an expensive yet luxurious fabric with its distinctive soft feel. It can be further embellished with different kind of embroidery. The smoothness and softness of this fabric is an epitome of luxury with a shiny appearance. It is more popular especially as evening winter wear on special occasions.  The first velvets were supposed to be made from silk and was expensive and only accessible by the royals. The material was first introduced in Baghdad around 750 A.D , but the production of velvet was eventually launched throughout europe and other parts of the world.  Read my earlier posts about Special Kuchi style frocks in following links 👇 Fancy Afghan Kuchi Style frocks Fancy Traditional Pashtoon Afghan Frocks One of my all times favorite dress in maroon shade is here 👇


Opening of Kartarpur corridor is one of the significant initiative of Pakistan government to facilitate Sikh pilgrimages to access gurdwara specifically from Indian Side. A passage to pakistan from india that is about 4 km, extended between Dera Baba Nana Shrine in India's Gurdaspur and Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur, Pakistan. Accessible to visitors as well since it's inauguration.