The most scenic and peaceful border of Pakistan with China "Khunjerab border"

The karakoram highway finally connects Pakistan and China. This border is known as "Khunjerab border". A beautiful travel to the north end of Pakistan up to "Khunjerab border" is one of the most adventurous yet beautiful road journey for me. This whole journey up to this point made me realize that it's true that "Some beautiful Paths can't be discovered without getting lost" Erol Ozan.

 I visited in Month of May and it was quite snowy and cold there. The time we arrived there, it started snowfall and light storm on the top that makes some how the visit inconvenient and chilled. However the travel up to Pakistan china border was worth visiting.

Khunjerab pass is known as the highest paved road international border in the world. I must say it's the most scenic,beautiful and the only peaceful border of Pakistan with it's neighbouring country China. World's highest altitude ATM is also located here on "Khunjerab Border".

Passu Village in hunza and Passu Cones

Pasu is a small village located on Karakoram Highway after gulmit about 20 minutes drive on way towards Pakistan china border. Pasu village is famous for it's golden peak of mountain, one of the most photogenic spot and top of area.

Hussaini hanging bridge in hunza, One of the dangerous bridge in the world.

Hussaini hanging bridge located in upper hunza. This hanging bridge is considered as one of the most dangerous bridge among world's bridges. Before it was very old and narrow seem like primitive but now it's repaired but still enough for legs to tremble. Though our guide encouraged me to get through bridge but i couldn't dare to take any risk. 

Mesmerizing Attabad Lake, Hunza

Attabad lake has definitely mesmerizing views that filled magic in the surroundings too and it's located some midway between karimabad and gulmit. It's so peaceful with turquoise colored water. Sometimes it shades reflects striking blue colour but whatever so it always looks magical. This beautiful lake didn't exist before 2010 and it came into being as a result of deadly landsliding.