Shrine of Abdul Qadir Gillani's grand sons in Kallar Kahar

I have always been listening about one of the famous shrine in kallar kahar. Mostly in tv documentary programes i have noticed that Kallar Kahar is famous for three spots.

One of them is kallar kahar salt lake, second one is Bagh e Safa or Muhgual Garden and the third one is a famous shrine of Abdul Qadir Gillani's two grand sons. Lof of people do visit here to this shrine.

I personally found the area very beautiful, calm and serene. Though there was no rush at the time when i visited the area and i was very happy to get to know this and i really enjoyed the location and the beautiful shrine with its panaromic background that i have captured from its terraces.

Shrine of Abdul Qadir Gillani's Grand Sons in Kallar Kahar

A serene Shrine at Kallar Kahar

The Shrine is located on the top of the hill thus giving a beautiful view, with a broad blue sky with white clouds that all was looking amazing.

Historical Back ground of the Shrine

We can get the historical back ground of this shrine from the following two engraved marble pieces.

historical background of the shrine

Historical background of the Shrine

Internal views of the Shrine at kallar kahar
Note. There was no restriction on Photographery. I have taken the permission from one of the Khadim of the shrine for capturing all these pictures and to include them in my blog.

Some of the beautiful panoramic views from the Shrine. Possibly the sun rays in such direction that my camera couldnt get the clear view of the kallar kahar city but the kallar kahar lake is cleary looking in the last  two picture. From one side of the shrine kallar kahar city was looking while on the other side of the shrine terraces was looking kallar kahar salt lake.

view of kallar kahar city

view of kallar kahar lake

kallar kahar lake view from the shrine

Souvenir Stall.


  1. Very good photography, i see new globle on your blog which show who see your blog, when i was reading your blog then i see it show that i am from Offenbach Germany, its small city near with Frankfurt. Tell me what about these two kabroona, one kho Jilani Alah Salam de da bal da cha kabar de?

  2. SUBHANALLAH..... bohat khoob. ALLAH ap ko is ka ajar de. Salam Ya Ghouse Azam (R.A).

    Ata ul Mustafa

  3. Salam Alikum wr wb
    Its a beautiful tomb of two brothers that are from direct stream of bloid line of Our Holy Prophet may peace be upon him.
    Also,besides the tomb there is a chilla khana of Saint Sultan Haq Bahu r.a.

    Its a peace ful tomb.
    Where one feels healthier and heartier.
    It comez from direct motor way chakri.
    One can reach via reaching lake of Kallar Kahar.

    I think every muslim man and woman must visit to pay tribute to grand,grand ,GRANDSONS OF HOLY PROPHET P.B.U.H.

    Also Shaikh Jillani's (r.a.) grand sons they are.
    They have salana urs gathering on 26 July 2016.(2016) this year.
    Shawwal 1438 ,22nd or 21 Shawwal.

  4. Can any body send me the address of this??

  5. Salam, Its a great contribution, thank a alot


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