Pear Blossoms

Spring is on its peak. Lot of greenery and colourful flowers around us but one of the beautiful view that have captured my attention recently was one of the Pear Garden.

Green trees with white blossoms along with a blue sky and white clouds floating over and i found it more soothing.  The pleasant aura i have found in my way and i did capture that with my camera. They were looking so fresh in a bright sunny day.

Pear Trees looks very charming with blossoms during spring seasons. And later on we enjoy the delicious and tasty fruit when the summer begins.

When i saw these trees loaded with white flowers i remembered one of my favourite quotation that is,

 "When you plant a tree, never plant only one. Plant three.One for Shade, one for fruit, and one for beauty"
Here in this garden i have found three in one. These trees were giving enough fragrant shade along with a beauty and a fruit. :)

pear blossoms

It was Pakistan Airforce Mess and Hut in kallar kahar.

 The beautiful garden is known as ' Bagh e Safa' . The great Mughual Rular Zaheer ud Din Babar visited Kallar Kahar in 1510 AD and he ordered to plant this garden and the orchard around here. 
Iam thank ful to one of the airforce employee who came down from the mess and took us and showed us the beautiful places of this area along with the historical back ground of kallar kahar. 'Kallar kahar' is named after a'Coarse water' that found here.
The place is also famous for the Mineral Water Spring, that comes from the root of the hills. But i couldnt get to the place from where its originally sprouting coz it was situated very far in the hills.

 Here the water was suppose to be coarse earlier thats why it is named as ' Kallar Kahar' or the 'place of coarse water'. It is suppose to be that Kallar kahar lake water contain salt coz of the salt mountains that are situated at a distance of about 53 km from here.

 Even the Kallar kahar lake is known for its salt saturation but here quantity of salt is at very small level in the lake thats why its not harmful for the wild birds.
It was such a beautiful place that i wanna spend some more time there but i had to leave coz of time constraint.

 And Iam so dumb that i have kept hearing all the informations that the airforce employee gave me and my family and in the end i even didnt ask the name. But me and my family is thank ful to him for his guidance and briefing about the area.

I can say without any doubt that this could be one of my favourite destination.


  1. wonderful flower trees, here also trees like this but has pink flowers. Superb.

  2. No doubt this is a beautiful place to visit. I think the Air force personnel are looking after the garden as it is presenting a well-maintained look.
    It is always amazing to see the dead branches of trees suddenly showing flowers saying good bye to the winter season.

  3. Beautiful and thank you for your comments on my pink version of spring F x


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