An overview of Kallar Kahar city and Lake from the top of the hill.

Kallar kahar is situated about 200km from Mardan. Kallar Kahar is a beautiful valley though its not like other northern valleys of Pakistan like Nathiagali, Thandyani etc yet it has a beauty in its own and its a small valley that is surrounded by small hills.

It is a pictureseque valley that have a beautiful lake. It is about two and a half hours drive from Mardan on Motorway. Passing by this route on the motorway while i was visiting Lahore few months back i wanted to stay at Kallar Kahar but because of time constraint i couldnt stay but i had a plan to visit with my family to kallar kahar at spring season, as the beautiful valley views have attracted me towrad itself while i was passing by the road.

Here are some views of the Kallar Kahar lake from the mountain top that iam gonna share. Lot of Peacocks were there in the mountain and i was listening their voices but unfortunately i couldnt viewed them. It is said that these Peacocks dont come down from the hills in day times as they feel scare of the tourists and other visitors probably they bother them . So i request all those visitors who do visit here not to disturb these Peacocks as they gives beauty to the area so let them enjoy in the open space. As it is said in Urdu ' Jangal Ma Moor Nacha Kisnay Dekha?' mean " Who can see a Peacock dancing in the forest?'

So i think we should let them come out of the hills and we should help them feel comfortable.

Kallar Kahar Valley

Over View of Kallar Kahar Lake

Enjoying the picturesque view of Kallar Kahar

Beauty of kallar kahar attracts lot of tourists from all over Pakistan. It is very accessible especially for the people of Pothowar region and Lahore. Now its even much easier to visit kallar kahar from Mardan in a one day trip coz of motorway fine roads. Before it was bit tiresome if we go there through highway but motorway has made very easy to access this beautiful place.



  1. No doubt Kallar Kahar is a beautiful valley because every area has some thing unique to offer. In the case of Kallar Kahar particularly the huge lake adds to its beauty and attraction.
    You are lucky that you have visited so many tourists’ spots of our country within a short span of time probably because you have passion plus time and money. At this stage I don’t have both of the latter to enjoy such exposures. I rarely get a chance to visit my family in Chitral even once a year.
    Although, I am a hunter but I fully agree to your advice that peacocks should not be bothered otherwise I am afraid they would migrate to some safer places.

  2. Thanks farman.

    I dont think outings can be much expensive. If there is a will and a passion plus proper management then weekends are always there to visit such local spots.

    Karachi and chitral both have beauties in its own, just need to explore them. Both are pakistan's pole apart. Sindh has famous "Harapa civilization" and chitral has its own beautiful valleys.


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