My visit to Kallar Kahar Lake

Kallar Kahar is a beautiful place and it is situated in Chakwal District in Panjab Pakistan. I heard about this place and seen some documentary program on tv many times but i never get chance to visit there. I was supposing that kallar kahar lake would be far away from Kallar kahar toll plaza but i wondered when i found that kallar kahar tourist spot is situated just near the toll plaza.

Kallar Kahar lake looks beautiful in the pictures and lot of tourists do visit here on daily basis. I was there bit early so there was no rush. There are some resturants and a lake view park on this spot. Boating facilities are also available there. I saw that there were lot of mosquitos on the water surface at some places. I wonder what was its reason coz this water is suppose to be coming down from a fresh water spring and then collected here. It also contain some saltyness thats why it is called as salty lake too. Though here does not exist too much salt in the lake water thats why its not dangerous for the birds. Many birds can be seen here around and it is strongly recommended to the tourists not to bother them and not to hunt them.


  1. Wah wah, what a pictures, i like the picture in which a fish eater bird is. very nice faty also like it very much. well done.

  2. This lake is a perfect destination for Siberian migratory birds, particularly Mallard, which pass through Pakistan during January to March. I don’t know when did you visit this lake because you have not mentioned the date. I think you are a bit late to visit the area, otherwise you would have found thousands of birds enjoying the serene atmosphere of this lake. But I can still spot two three cranes, and the one sitting on the water pipe looks very cool.


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