Confluence of River Indus and River Kabul:

The place where river Indus and river Kabul mingle together to give a beautiful view, is situated on the border of Punjab and NWFP renaming Khyber Pukhtunkwa.

This is the spot, where Attock (Punjab) ends and Khair abad Kund (NWFP renaming Khyber Pukhtunkwa) begins. Khair abad Kund is a small town, where the Peshawar Development Authority has established a beautiful park.
 Attock fort can be seen from the bridge over the Kabul and Indus rivers. River Kabul and river Indus have two distinct colors of water. Water of river Kabul is muddy while river Indus looks very clear and serene.

 One can get a beautiful view of the meeting place, where both the rivers are united together to become mainstream, from the khair Abad Bridge which is usually called Attock Bridge too. .
 One can get a view of the grand Attock fort situated near the Attock Khairabad Bridge. Its exterior wall is extended towards the end of the hill. The picture have lot of greenery so the wall get less visible.

 This is situated on the main G.T road from Attock to Peshawar via Nowshera. Later on with the development of motorway, rush on this road becomes less and most of the traffic especially private vehicles turned to motorway.


  1. Hi, i have been to your blog through facebook, i click on link of your blog in your facebook kha. The pictures are very nice i really like it all the pictures,

  2. I think this is the same place where a railway bridge is also present. We used to cross that bridge early in the morning by Khyber Mail on our way to Chitral. The train also passes through two or three tunnels before reaching the bridge. I remember we loved to discuss river Kabul while crossing the bridge because it also carries with it three rivers from Chitral.

    Just for your knowledge here are names of rivers which are the main contributors to river Kabul:

    In Chitral, the Lotkoh and Arkari rivers join Mastuj river some 7 km north of Chitral town. These three rivers combine to form Chitral river. At Arandu area, the Chitral river flows into Afghanistan at upper Kunar Valley and becomes Kunar river. At Jalalabad in Afghanistan the Kunar river joins Kabul river. The combined rivers then again flow into Pakistan and join the Indus river at Attock.

    Thanks for making me revisit the old memories..

    Wonderful work..

  3. Thank you farman for giving such a detailed update. Yes exactly this is the same place where railway bridge is also present. During my stay, i seen two times train passing by there. One was passenger train and another was goods transported one. Thanks once again for the informative comment.

  4. Watching Dukhtar and the story of how the rivers came to me led to my picture search


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