Kund Wild Life Park:

Khairabad kund is a small town, located on the border of Punjab and NWFP. It is the location, where two rivers join together. one is River Indus and other is River Kabul. Peshawar Development Authority has developed a Wild Life Park, which is situated inside the Kund Park. This is a very good step towards the preservation of wild species in northwest. It gives recreation to the visitors.

There is a small zoo inside the park,which is of great interest for kids, youngsters and elders.
Several species of wild life are on the display. NWFP Wild Life Department has provided the facilities and support to this zoo.
This zoo has Leopards, spotted deer’s, different kind and species of birds, blue peacocks, white peacocks, cranes, partridges and a black bears.

Spotted deer has white spots on its body. It has become extinct in Pakistan, while in India and in Bangladesh, they can be found. They like to live in low hills with shrubby forests, especially near to streams and ravines. They can be found in groups. They don't like to live alone. In the zoo too they were grouped together, none of them were coming towards the fence.

There are different kind and species of birds, cranes, partridges and a black bears.


  1. Dear this is a very informative effort,i am the owner of the park, kindly do contact me at kundpark@gmail.com as i may need your help in uplifting the park.

  2. i was trying to read this black Bear wala board, to get information from where this Bear come? But I could not read it, ta poto da lara na okhkala de...


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