Famous Chapli Kabab of North west in Pakistan

Chapli Kabab of north west frontier province of Pakistan is very famous. Though lot of shops all around in the province but some places are more famous like Peshawar, mardan, charsadda and Takht bhai. Today iam gonna share with you Takht Bhai Chapli Kabab, with its very traditional recipe and  original taste.
One can definitely try that in home too with little alteration.

Recipe of traditional Chapli Kabab

Ingredients:  Minced meat, Tomato Slices, Chopped Onion, Green Chillies, Eggs, Ginger, Garlic, Marrow -bone, Wheat and Maize Flour, Walnut.

Spices: Coriander seed, Red Chillies Chopped, Cummin-seed, Salt, Pomegrante, Black Pepper, Carraway Seed, Cinnamon

Fat for frying Chapli Kabab

Method:  Just mix all above ingredients and spices in minced meat according to taste. Make each kabab as shown in the pictures and slide them into big pan and fry in fat.

Commercially these chapli kababs are frying in fat (natural oil or grease found in cow, buffalo's bodies) but domestically one can fry them into cooking oil.

Serving: These chapli kabab can be served with nan and raita.
After chapli kabab, Green tea is must to take, because it help in better digestion.


  1. Thank you Palwashaw! it is interesting.


  2. U know what.... I haven't seen my village for the last two years.....and after seeing these photos .....you have absolutely no idea what Im going through....Man...Gul Ahmad's Karhe

  3. BTW I forgot to add that... though these are more popular and talked about(still better than Turkish and Egyptian 'Kebab') ... I always preferred "Taro Jabba's" Kabab.Not sure what's their quality these days...as things change. In Takht Bhai I wud prefer'Osama Fish Center's Fish' over anything. . . feeling hungry now

  4. Good job Kiran......the pictures made my mouth water hahaa
    Feel like trying them sometime soon :)


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