Local handicrafts in Takht e bhai , Khyber Pukhtunkwa

Jhanday is name of small village, located about 8km from mardan city on the main road, leading towards swat. It's famous locally for the different handicrafts. Mostly the local women make them. These handicrafts represent the great artistic skills of the maker.

In the rural areas of mardan, the women strictly observed the pardha and they are not supposed to work in the fields. Women, who are willing to get vocational training such as (weaving, sewing, embroidery, and mirror work, photo frames, pots, hand fans and other decorative things etc) usually  participate in different community development programs, where they learn different types of skills. These skills training enable them to stand on their own feet through self-help. Thus involvement of women in economic activities helps in reduction of poverty on domestic level.

In Pakistan women comprises 51% of the total population of the country. Major economic activity under taken by the rural women consists of taking care of lives stock.But there are a lot of women who engaged in such type of artistic works.

Rural women have no platform to discuss their issues in most of the areas. In order to do some thing in this respect, different organizations start their community development projects, where they impart different types of skills to both men and women.
Women program was started in 1987. Due to cultural restrictions, the need for a separate program was realized, to ensure the full participation of women in the community development process.
Human resource is the most important resource of all the other resources. The only need is to enhance the human skills in order to increase productivity and thus improving the living standards at the rural level. Manual labor requires proper skill, hard work, diligence, regularity, punctuality, carefulness, sense of responsibility and urge for achievement.


  1. very nice and colourfull handicrafts, i wonder if they still do good business with it? The poor people who make these handicrafts will get just few rupees for that ya? Agha kebabi wala potogan pa kala chap ka? Za pa intizar nast yam dalta...


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