Takht e Bhai, in NWFP PAKISTAN

Takht e Bhai is a village, located about 15km northwest of Mardan city in NWFP, Pakistan.

Takht e Bhai is basically a combination of two words thats is " takht' and "bahi"
"Takht" means  "Throne" and "Bahi" means "well or spring".
So it is called Takht e Bhai in local language. That spring is supposed to be located on the very top of the mountain.

Takht e bhai chapli kabab are very famous. In Takht e bhai, the most beautiful Buddhist Monastery of Gandhara Civilization is situated.

People do visit from far away to see these remains of the Buddha's Civilization and then to enjoy the traditional Chapli Kabab.

Summer is not suitable time to visit this area. One can enjoy much during winters.


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