Mardan Public Library and Community hall

Mardan public library and community hall is situated under one roof building. Different types of social functions get arrange in the community hall. The building is adjacent to the main "Bacha Khan square" in Mardan.

Little attention has been given to the selection of books, that have been kept in the library. One can get some basic books.But for the advance study and research, students have to go either peshawar archives or Islamabad archives. There is not a sufficient collection of books. Hope further attention should be given to the book bank.
Though we can get every type of information from net today but still i must say that books reading have its own charm and we cant deny that fact. 

Wrong picture of northwest has been portrayed to the world in last few years. No doubt the schools have been burned and blast in swat valley and Malakand division by a particular group of people, but the real fact is totally different. Majority of people, living here give priority to the education. Parents try their best to send their children to the best affordable schools. That’s the reason that lots of students are reaching to higher level of education every year.

Earlier, the whole burden was only on Peshawar University. Peshawar University Campus is large enough yet it was not possible to accommodate that many students from all around the Northwest and also including Hazara Division students.

Thus keeping in view this urgent need, "Abdul Wali Khan University" have been

decided by the provincial govt. to establish in Mardan, so that the burden on peshawar university can be minimized.

Abdul Wali Khan University have been established recently in Mardan. So far it has three campus, where in different departments, students getting education in different faculties. Right here iam sharing its Riffat Mahal Campus, where the subjects of Law, Political Science and Education are being taught.


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