Random Pictures of Northwest frontier province rural ( Renaming Khyber Pukhtunkwa) surroundings

Here are some rural views from the northwest frontier province of Pakistan renaming Khyber Pukhtunkwa. A woman carrying a bundle of grass over her head for the cattle. The picture about brick kiln, i would soon add about how bricks prepared in these kilns. Its really a hard job especially for small kids who working here. The woody wood pecker my favorite bird, and last but not the least the pop corn seller, whom i use to get fresh popcorn whenever i do visit....


  1. wa wa, der ala, derani charg ma olido, i am tired of farmy charg now here in germany.
    The woody woody pecker nice picture, where you found it?
    Kaka has fix place to sell pop corns there?
    All pictures are wonderful, pukhtoon khwa name u use, hazara wal pa dana khapa shee. ((( Sta Ror )))

    p.s. i again forgot my password kha

  2. Thank you Gullala. In above photos both Swabi and Mardan rurals....Woody Wood peker i found in village Ibrahim Khan Killi in Mardan. Na Kaka os khpal zay change kari de. Agha Os pa bal road bande Popcorns kharsai. Hazara wal rana na khafa kegi. Aghi ta ba soba Hazara milao shi lakhera sara......

  3. Thanks for sharing the picture of woodpecker. This bird is very common in Chitral. Its local name is Boobok. Unfortunately I have hunted three of these birds with my slingshot when I was young but now I feel sorry for that.

    Brick kiln workers in Punjab work under Peshgi (advance) system – a system which allows employers to keep workers as virtual slaves until a cash advance is not repaid. The system was abolished 12 years ago by the Supreme Court, but the employers are trying to implement it again.
    Kindly also share with us whether kiln workers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also working under this system.

  4. Thank you farman for sharing your comment. In Khyber Pukhtunkwa the brick makers doesn't work under the above system. But here the biggest problem is that lot of children working in these kiln, which is against child rights. Some NGO's are putting their efforts in this regard to keep away these children from such type of labor.

  5. Thanks...good to know that no peshgi system exists in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


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