Flood victims in KPK

Few days back i was going to peshawar with my family. We used to go through mardan peshawar motorway because its more convenient in comparision to highway. Secondly it took just 35 minutes to reach Peshawar while highway took atleaste55 minutes to reach, so obviously saving 20 minutes. On both side of the road one can view beautiful natural rural views with mud houses and fields. People living on both side of the road are mostly farmers, their only livelihood is based on agriculture. River Kabul and river Jhandi flows in the area. Motorway has been constructed on a beautiful location. But what we see over there now adays is extremely sad. The current flood in Pakistan and Khyber Pukhtunkwa has destroyed lot of homes and snatches their only livlihood that was agriculture and cattle rearing. Now adays motorway presenting a total changed scenario. All the villages around the area have been drowned in the flood water.
People have been shifted to the road to take shelters in the tents that have been placed for them in the mid of road, where is a mud bed for plantations. This time no plantation is there only huts for the flood victims. Children playing all the day on road side of motoway while their parents looking at their broken homes and destroyed crops with sad eyes. They are helpless and looking at some body help them in coming out from this situation. Though they are lucky in a sense that they have shifted to such place where people daily passes by the road and they can be easily noticed by government and non government agencies, thats why they are able to get a regular aid from different organization. There are many such places which are difficult to get into, they are not easily approachable thats why they facing much delay in relief. The kids get surrounded any person who get down from his car to help them. Many of these kids were naked coz of lack of clean dress, as it was much hot. Its sacred month of Ramzan but these poor people suffering from alot of pain, they living under warm sun in camps. I remembered almost same situation in last year in summers when IDP,s Internal Displaced People from Swat and Malakand were camped around in the bounderies of Swabi district that could be clearly viewed from motoway because it adjacent, as they were camped in huge groups away from the main cities in open fields and this area have much much huge spaces for fields. The current flood have also broken half side of river jhandi bridge, though it has been a recent construction but probably couldnt stand in front of much flow of water, now it has been partially reconstructed for the traffic but still work is going on it.One can see broken houses all around.Many of cattles have beenf lown with the flood but the remaining have been shifted to the road side by its owners. Nowadays cattles have been also camped around the road side. Different local agencies are providing these flood victims with food and clean water in Sehri and aftari. But it doesnt enough for them. They need proper rehabilitation through some strong organization which is probably not looking possible in current situation of the country.. Most of the people are working on self help basis and try to return their damage homes and making them reconstruct but in some places too much water still that it is not possible to get back or some places homes so much damage and the owners have not much money to construct them back as they were living on crops whaich have been spoiled during flood and now they have no money.


  1. The article is amanzing and heart-touching. It is a good piece of work. I congratulate Palwasha.

    Sher Zaman

  2. i saw the pictures of flood, its really a big catastropha, the poor people are suffering, very sad.


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