Its fun eating dried fruits and nuts in WINTERS!!!

Peshawar is famous for different kinds of fresh and tasty dried fruits, edible nuts market. Most of them are imported from Afghanistan through border line. Afghanistan, Turkey and Iran have the biggest production market in dried fruits and edible nuts.
In  Pakistan ,Peshawar and Baluchistan province have very good quality of dried fruits are available and people here love to eat them on almost daily basis especially in winter seasons.

Hunza valley in Pakistan has lot of dried fruits. Some biggest markets are in Gilgit, where these dried fruits are on the display. In Hunza, Gilgit Baldistan people keep different berries and fruits under sun even on domestic levels to get dry and later on they can be used both on domestic as well commercial levels.

Here i am going to share about Peshawar dried fruit and edible nuts market.

Dried fruit shops in peshawar

 In Winter season it is fun to eating dried fruits. Almonds, Raisins, Cashews, Hazelnuts, peanuts, Pistachio, Apricots, Mulberries and Walnuts are great in taste especially when Cashews and all other edible nuts when they are salted and roasted. But roasted nuts have bit more calories and thus put on weight.
Mixed dried fruits including coconut and sweet colorful balls to add more taste
 Dried Mellberries
Medical research has proved that a proper amount of daily intake of dried fruits can save you from premature skin aging and in a prevention of different disease by improving the immune system. A hand ful of dried fruits are enough on daily basis.
Almonds are best to improve immune system plus it is good for brain and skin too.


Raisin are best for instant energy. It also helps in putting weight. Raisin is best intakaing in form of bread. It gives sweeter taste to the simple bread. Raisn chocolates are the best .


 Dry dates and sweet raisin are being called as Nature Candy. Thats lovely...
Apricot seeds when finely crushed can be best scrub for the face. Mostly Apricot scrubs are the good for skin and they are easily available in market.

Dried Apricots
Roasted and salted cashews nuts are delicious , its crunchy butter milky flavour. They are called as Nature vitamins pills.

Roasted Cashews
Pistachio must be a part of regular diet because it gives minerals and proteins to the body.
Walnuts are not only delicious but also a sign of intellectuality because its shape resembles human brain.


Dried fruits market


  1. Post very interesting and instructive.
    It will be a pleasure to follow your blog

  2. Post very interesting and instructive.
    It will be a pleasure to follow your blog

  3. Thank you Elettra. The pleasure is mine to have you here.

  4. Very Informative thank you pls also advise where its is in Peshawar I mean which area



    1. Thanks Tabish. It is in "bara market" peshawar.


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