Shish Mahal or A Palace of Mirrors !!!

Shish Mahal mean (Palace of Mirrors) is one of the most decorated palaces of the Mughual period. It is built for the Emperor Shah JAhan in 1631-32 AD) .Emperor Shah Jahan was believed to had a strong passion for beauty , that can be seen every where .

It is the most beautiful palace in the fort and is decorated with small mirrors of different colours.  In front of this Palace is a spacious courtyard.  This palace reflects the glory of the past and a reminiscent of the Mughul Emperors.

One can see double pillars of the " Palace of Mirrors". Both are decorated in similar manners. It has a marbal floor as it is the recent construction under the Norway govt. project of UNESCO. A fence is made there because repairing work was undergoing. The entry to the palace was temporary stopped for the visitors.

 It is the most beautiful palace in the fort and is decorated with small mirrors of different colors. The time i visited the place it was closed because of maintenance work was underway. Secondly the sunbeam was opposite to the palace so the pictures couldn't came clear and the brighter. I remember long long ago,when i visited the palace earlier, the guide used to show the dangling brightness of different mirrors with a candle light torch in one of the special room of this palace.This used to be very unique feature of this palace. When the lights throws on these mirrors then it gives a very bright and shinny design's.

Now days a project is going on here for its maintenance and stabilization under  “ Conservation of shish Mahal” that has been funded by UNESCO and the financial aid of Norwegian govt


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