Sweet Temptations .....Badayoni Pera.

Many of us love to eat different kinds of sweets according to one's taste. Some of us are even addicted to sweets. Lot of confectionery products are available in sweet shops. Each of them looks so colourful and tempting. We use to delight our friends, families, colleagues with these sweets at each and every occasions of happiness and New Years. Yet there are certain products that get much attention because of its unique flavour, ingredient and its process of preparation that make them even more delicious.
Every city has more or less its own tastes in foods and confectioneries. Mardan city is famous for its sweet that is named as " Badayoni Pera" Now it has become a traditional sweet of Mardan. Though originally it is traced back to a city of Badayon in Indain district Uttar Pradesh.

 Because in Mardan it has been introduced in 1950 from India, when one of the family had migrated from India to Pakistan after independence in 1947. They bring with them this unique flavour. Since then it is prepared in Mardan city and now become a famous sweet of here. It is presented as a souvenir in confectionery products on behalf of Mardanians.

I dont know exactly whether this sweet is as famous in Utter Pradesh Indian as it has now becomes here in Mardan, Pakistan. But one thing iam sure about that Mardanians love its tastes and send it as a token of love with taste to their friends, family and colleagues all over Pakistan as well as abroad.

Haji Mehboob Ali khan and Mehmood Ali khan's family is suppose to be the pioneers of introducing this sweet here.

Preparation of Badayoni pera.  Badayoni pera is made of condensed milk ( locally called as Khoya).  It is said that condensed milk along with sugar and some special essence is heated and stirred in a huge pan untill its colour turned out into a golden brown. It took almost 2-3 hours continuous stirring. Then after getting cool, they make small balls in shape and dip each in a very refined blended sugar. Sugar is sprinkle over it that gives a bit crunchy tatse.
There are many outlets in mardan city but still people prefer to buy from original shop that have been in practic since 1950.
Iam familiar with its tastes very well, its very delicious. My friends used to ask me for it every time. A friend of mine from Abbotabad was such a fond that she never mind finishing a whole box with in couple of days.



  1. Very informative article...The story behind Badayoni Pera's introduction in Mardan is also very interesting...
    These sweets look very delecious...i don't know whether these are available in Karachi or not...but i will surely look for them here...

  2. Very nice informative information about Para, you increased my knowledge that its come from Utter pradesh. How was his business? I heard that he is closing his shop?

  3. well here is some new info for you folks. I didn't know how to send to a relative in khi. But found out you can send via leopards. they pick from badayouni and deliver it. For us in KPK we don't have to go through this hassle. We just go to the shop and buy it :D

  4. Please share more on food and cuisine of Mardan , yes I have had it and found it very Pakhtun , would like to share your images on my page The Lahore Heritage Club


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