Beauty Of a Painting

Art has always been a great source of pleasure to all of us in whatever form it exists. Whether it is in the form of a good music, a dance, a sculpture, a photograph, a painting or a sketch, yet its main purpose remain the same all over and that is to provide aesthetic pleasure. for example, a musician plays with the strings of his musical instrument and make a good music that is a beauty for the ears.
A photographer took great pleasure while capturing any scenery, which gives great relief to eyes and brain so that is beauty for the eyes.

Same is with the painting. It expresses the feelings and inspiration of the painters. I personally believe there can be nothing greater than NATURE as a source of inspiration. I myself always been fascinated towards nature. A bright and fresh sunny day, rising and setting of the sun and the moon, the landscapes including trees clouds and meadows, flowers, a rainy cloudy day almost every that thing related to nature gives me great pleasure.

Here iam going to share some of the beautiful paintings that have been painted by my beloved aunti, who is living thousands of miles away from me but still communicating through her paintings. I must say that a beautiful painting is that can be communicated with the viewers.
 Her work of art has always been a source of greater joy for me, the way she depicts her creativity on the canvas.
Nature related paintings such as the landscapes are of great interest of mine.

Below is one of my favorite painting among all these. Here one can see a girl trying her best to reach the candle placed far above her reach. She is trying to get over it while her body is tangled in iron rope.
In this painting a girl is shown in extreme mental and physical suffering. She is trying her best to reach the candle as a sign of hope. Perhaps one of the best painting that need no explainations rather its an expression in itself.

Taj Mahal , a symbol of eternal love. It is always been suppose to be symbol of true love. Its beauty and grandeur has been painted in this painting but the very next painting shows a difference.
Well we generally thinks same about Taj Mahal but let us have a brief look at the real historical truth about Taj Mahal

The Unknown Painful TRUTH of "TAJMAHAL" for many of us.......

1.Mumtaz was Shahajahan's 4th wife of his 7 wives.

2.Shahajahan killed Mumtaz's Husband in a war field to Marry with her.

3.Mumtaz died after her 14th delivery.

4.Shahjahan then married mumtaz's sister.

5.Shajahan killed all people who built Tajmahal........!

Do you still feel Tajmahal is the symbol of True LOVE? You think this is true love?

Think over it...

Apart of the real truth, now we can see in the below painting the broken pillars of Taj Mahal. It symbolises the broken hearts and the shattered dreams of the lovers.

What can make a painting more beautiful? I think each and every painting has its own beauty. Obviously the painter paint it to express his/her experiences and it can easily communicate with the viewers. It dont need any explainations but they are an expression in themselves.


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