Salt Souvenirs from Khewra Mine

In Khewra different kinds of souvenirs are available and they all made of salt. Different designes of lamps that looks unique in itself.

Different kinds of small decoration pieces made wholly of salt

An unrefined salt

Taj Mahal replica

small bulbs are placed inside these decoration pieces for illumination


  1. very beautiful salt decoration pieces. did u buy bulb for this? when yes then take again picture that i see how it look like when inside is light on kha.

  2. Amazing! These products are very similar to the ones made of marble. But I think salt products are more delicate than marble ones.
    Be careful and keep these salt products away from domestic animals like goats and sheeps because they really love licking rock salt.

  3. wonderful, that Rs.30 wala thing salt sovinier i like, that small house and other things i like, where they make these? is the maker of these things near by? wonderful. Domestic animals like licking salt,,,,,amazing, i never heard kha. NEW INFORMATION FOR ME:

  4. Local people engraved these designes in pieces of salt.
    Actually in the historical back ground of Khewra Salt mine, it has been told that Horses of Alaxander the Great have been found licking the rocks of these salt hill thats why probably other animals too found that tastier.

  5. I remember people in Chitral usually hang chunks of salt in a place where goats and sheeps are kept so that they can easily lick them. I was not sure as to why they were being given salt and whey they were very fond of licking salt but now I have come to know the reason.
    “The provision of salt licks is very important for goats as they secrete a good amount of sodium and chloride ions in milk. The salt often helps to tone up the system and may even have some effect in removing worms from the body.”

  6. Thanks Farman for the information

  7. i need all these pieces can some one give me the contact details. my name raheel akhtar from sialkot and cell: 03316194568 please very important

  8. AOA can you send me quotation on my email with pictures at
    waiting of your soonest response

  9. hy if any want to buy salt product of any design contact with me . I have my own manufacturing company of salt items...........
    thanks 00923155897226


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