Some natural Marvelous sceneries.....Random Pictures

Our beautiful region have much more to offer during every season whether its hot summer, spring, autumn, falling winters or even during the moderate climates. During summer times, the water, natural free flowing rivers and the lush greenery gives lot of relaxation to eyes and brain. The only need to get there and explore these places.

The beauty of any lake and any scenery often looks very attractive especially at dawn and dusk, and becomes very attractive to many of us. Those who like to enjoy it, i have tried to get some snapshot with my mobile camera N73. Though the results doesnt comes out as was expected. A couple of pictures here i have taken in the evening.

The cloudy sky stretched itself across the garden and lake


  1. Waw !!!!!!!!!! In the first photo, how lovely the sky twice !!!!!!!! Very very unique !!!!!!!!!!!


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