"United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

Unity is a sign of strength. It was worth watching and very impressive when i see the following seven ducks marching with such a unity. We human beings must learn from them. There are such nice examples in nature's creature which teach us the lesson of unity. And we must learn the love, patience and unity from these little cute ducks.


  1. Beautiful park!!!

  2. I share your thoughts !!!!!!!! Very beautiful photos!

  3. Lovely blog though i found this post particularly funny. the idea of linking ducklings to the topic was clear and crisp. Ramzan mubarak.

    check out my journal too sometime. tc...

  4. @ Fahad. If we humans have forgotten this lesson then why not it better fit on ducks now !

  5. Ah, its end of the world. Everyday comes will be bad, we have to prepare ourself. I read in old religious books, that in end of the world the humans will be degraded then ducks (animals).


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