Rohtas Fort ! A historical architectural monument of Afghan warrior Emperor Sher Shah Suri.

Front view of Sohail Gate A very classic view!! becomes one of my favorite sight.

  Rohtas fort has total 12 gates. It is spread in quite huge area with scattered buildings thus each and every place needs to be describe and non of the place here can be ignored. The first gate is known as "Khwas Khani" gate mean the gate for the specials, indicating that it was used by emperor and his special army men. This gate is the main entry to the fort but you have to keep driving through this gate untill you reach to the parking lot inside the fortress. Inside the fort area lots of houses have been made by the local people, quite enough to be called as a small town. Any ways after parking you may either walked towards "Shah Chand Wali "gate or towards "Sohail gate". On the left side of sohail gate , it is said that "sher shah museum" is located in the upper part of the gate but i couldnt visit the museum because of some due reasons the museum was closed for visitors. But i was told by the guide that inside the museums has certain statues of Emperor's Sher Shah Suri wives dressed in traditional attires. The guide was holding an album of the potograps of the museum. So i took the following picture of Emperor's sher shah suri's wives from there otherwise photography inside the museums is strictly forbidden. He also told me that inside the museum are kept old swords, daggers, shileds and coins etc. I always wonders why photography always forbidden inside museums? What could be its reason?

A picture from a picture Sher Shah Museum Wives of Sher Shah Suri

Map of Rohtas Fort

Inner side of Sohail Gate

Shah Chand Wali gate is named after a saint Shah Chand Wali, and it is said that he refused to get his wages for working on this gate. Later on he died while still working on the gate and was buried near to the gate. Talaqi gate  is named after the word of urdu language " Talaq" that mean "Divorce". According to a legend Prince Shabir Suri entered the gate and had an attack of fever which proved fatal and after the death of the Prince this gate was regarded as ominous or bad omen. Now i wonder why its been called as Talaqi gate or Divorced gate? Because the Prince didnt get divorce after entering through this gate instead he fell sick and died coz of sickness.

Shah Chand Wali gate plus the Tomb of the saint Shah Chand wali

Kabuli gate or Shahi gate  . Its been called as Kabuli gate because it faces towards Kabul side. On the southern side of the gate is located Shahi Mosque or Royal Mosque. Thats why this gate is also known as Royal gate or Shahi gate.

Baby goat is viewing the scenery from the Royal gate

Shishi gate is named after a beautiful glazed tile most probably that might have been used for decoration in the arch of this gate in past. But i personally didnt observe any such glazed tile there. Langar Khani gate or the Mess gate is named after a mess for the soliders. Its opening into a Langar Khana ( A mess or canteen for the soliders) during emperor Sher Shah Suri's era. It is said there are kitcehn, stores and a well for water. Many sheeps, buffalos and cow can be seen grazing around the fort because the area around the fort is mostly a rural area.

view from the top of the kabuli gate or shahi gate

The royal mosque have a prayer chamber and a small courtyard at its front. Its the most decorated of the original buildings inside the fort. It is said that during Emperor Sher Shah Suri's time, in case of attack, there made stairs that leads direct from the courtyard of this mosque to the top of the Kabuli gate. This place was my personally favorite.I went through these stairs and upstairs in the open air a very beautiful splendid view of surroundings. I personally found this place very soothing and calm. Far from the hills i could listen the sounds of the music, probably some one playing songs on their mobile phone or it might be coming from the nearby village. But i didnt saw any domes of the mosque. It is said that this mosque dont have any domes.

Stairs leading directly from the courtyard of the mosque to the top of the kabuli gate.

left side view from the top of the kabuli gate

Pashtuns are very famous for hospitality but i found same hospitality in District Jhelum people too. I met with a family there in Rohtas Fort. The head lady of the family came to visit the Fort with her daughters, son in laws plus her sons and daughter in laws. Quite interesting ! They were looking from certain joint family system or may be for the proposed day they all get together to visit the fort. Any how they cordially met me and got surprised when they came to know i have been to Rohtas especailly from Mardan. They offer us to go their home as they lived nearby and also offer to have a lunch with them and i excused saying lot of thanks to them. Rohtas Fort is frequently visited both by International as well as national and local peoples. For more views just click


  1. Wao Wao, very interesting and informative blog and info about the Fort. The photography was superb and I like all the angles you did photography. But sad to see how our govt neglecting taking care of the Fort our historical places and even the kalima inscribed there on the wall was in very bad condition in a country called ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan.

  2. stunning pictures kiran, would love to visit!

  3. The first picture is absolutely beautiful...somehow the images remind me of my past, or the way I used to click. Rather odd! :)

  4. we learn with the passage of time.
    Thanks for your comment Siddharth!

  5. I have discovered your blog and it´s really interesting. great photos and story to discover a country almost unknown by us. thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comments. I will visit this site often to enjoy and learn, Greetings from Spain!


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