Some of my casual and formal jewelry collection !

Here i am sharing some of the pictures from my casual and formal type of jewelry collection.Some i have received as a gift. Different types and designs are in fashion now a days. In following i'll discuss some of the casual necklaces along with matching braclets. Antique style is also in, apart from that lots of variety in wrist bands or bangles. In market a variety of these wrist bands and other accessories are available in very affordable prices, both plastic, fabric made as well .They are in different colors and sizes. One must just need to decide what to pick and what to leave. How ever according to occasion ,one may decide .
Gold Jewelry is precious but you cant keep changing its design frequently.
As it is said "Variety is the sauce of Life"

An antique style brass necklace with earrings

Some of these can be worn casually with any dress whether western (jeans with top or kurti) as well with shalwar qameez, the typical traditional pakistani outfit that never goes out of fashion. Now a days Kuchi style frocks are very in, can be wear with either with jeans or with traditional eastern Payjama. Both looks very nice and elegant. I personally like the fine combination of both east and west in dresses.One may pick from the west what ever looks beautiful and attractive by keeping in view one's own culture and tradition. So  i am sure it will give a very pleasant effects.

Now Ramzan have arrived and after that Eid , which is one of the festive occasion and girls especially have started looking for their dresses and jewelry in advance. On Eid especially glass bangles are worn because its in tradition, so i will definitely make another of my post dedicated to those glass bengles on Eid !

Hand jewelry  make hands looks beautiful, decorative and classy.

Another colorful necklace can be used with different colors of dresses. The hand band looks quite interesting because it can be used as a hair band as well.

Some of my favorite hand bands i have received as a gift, looks very cool especially in summers with light purple and white or half white outfits

The black one has its own charm. I personally don't like to wear black but still this mysterious and powerful color tempted me to get one. It looks nice when wear with white or any light dress.

This steel made single bangel is my favorite one

My favorite heavy necklace , the orange color looks very tempting , goes very well with any orange color or white dress with  light embroidery

hair bands can be use as hand bands, looks refreshing specially in summer season with half sleeves.

Another dramatic style of necklace, my favorite one.

Golden hand band

Moroccan style traditional jewelry, i have received as a Gift

Hand bracelet with a ring attached. This style is quite usual in south Asia, particularly in India and Pakistan. Usually brides wear such for hand decoration.

Steel Rings 

Ethnic pendants design
Necklaces usually vary in sizes and lengths. Some are close to neck tightly over the collar bone, looks very classic while some are longer in length, depend on personal choice. Long necklaces usually looks better while being casually dressed. However every style looks graceful if worn according to occasion.
colorful beads necklace with out pendant.

Silver color with fine amalgamation of cream and yellow looks very classy.

Perfect for teen ager girls, having different colors seem very cook and lively that goes very well with a variety of  casual outfits.

Slim cut silver necklace with pick oval shaped pendant . I received it as a gift, seems to be one of the cutest among my collection.

Cute hand bands can be worn as hair bands too in emergency 

One beautiful set i found in a shop but i have my own same like it

Pure Silver made necklace along with earrings and Bangles(locally called Gajray)

Another classy design, offcourse metallic one

Amulets pendant made of pure silver.

These amulets have been used from centuries by different culture like among Pashtuns, indians , buddhism, egyptian etc. They have long historical back grounds. Even in Islam Holy Book Style Pendants is usually worn in neck either with silver chain or with black thread as symbolism and many consider it sacred. Some times sacred quotations(Ayath) from Holy Quran are also put inside these box like Pendants for different reasons either for good health or for good fortunes. They are considered as a shell and support from the evil eyes.

Silver color pendants along with bracelet and multi color rainbow earrings

Wood made stretchable bracelets and bangles

Silver stretchable hand band

Nice for formal dressing

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The gold set i have received as a gift from my loving brother and sister in law

This pair of beautiful earrings i have also received as a gift by my beloved aunti

Some of the funky color bands

Another funky style bands for summers


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