Picture gallery of pottery making, a Hindu Temple and the Museum in Saidpur village

In Saidpur village i found many local people are engaged in pottery making from last many years. I ask one such man of quite old age about his business. He told me that his father started pottery making and its been  almost a 100 years now since they first started making pottery . He showed me his family museum. In following i am sharing photographs from his collection. There were certain clay items, almost 100 years old. Usually the equipment for operating pottery making is available in each and every community , yet for a successful business, it requires certain outlets and needed to be commercialized. I found many creative items in this man collection, like an aeroplane model, a Windmill, a statue of horse, a water pump, a train, a truck etc apart from the usual pottery stuffs.
All these stuff showing the creativity of his nature.

pottery stuff
100 years old train made of clay, still in very good shape

A clay model of truck

Hindu Temple in saidpur village
Exterior , courtyard of the temple
past and present of the saidpur village, depicted clearly in these picture. Though pictures taking were forbidden inside the museum, still i made few of them with permission :) I always wonders why pictures are forbidden insides the museums. These photographs of museums shows the renovation of saidpur village.
A colorful artful on the pillar of the Hindu temple
Part of temple, now a days using as an office.
Another such artwork on the walls


  1. Very talented craftsman. It's amazing what they can do with their hands. I also like the images of the Hindu temple and museum. Thanks for sharing, Kiran. I enjoy getting to know and understand your country through your blog.


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