Hang out with a 1 year plus baby

Hanging out with kids is usually very interesting, especially with a 1 year plus baby, who start learning to explore many things. It remembered me the famous quote by Johnny Depp that is :

When the kids becomes 1 years old, its like hanging out with a miniature drunk.( ha ha ha that's true)
You have to hold onto them, they bump into things, they laugh and cry and so on...

 Here is my nephew, who just turned 16 months old.


  1. Never boring with small kids around...! Glad my kids are older now; 21, 20, 16 and 14 - the only negative is that I'm also growing older... :(
    Have a nice evening!

  2. So cute.....wonderful pictures!!!
    A big hug for you and your lovely family!

  3. What a handsome guy he is! I see, he is enjoying his stay at the park.

  4. ha ha...this saying is very true...I have experienced it :-)
    Very cute baby boy....

  5. Lovely photos! And I love your description of the behaviour of a one year old child, lol! But I see what you mean, I have thought of them as miniature drunks as well - much cuter though. ;)

  6. lovely images ! cute kid ! he's so busy, so many things to do there !
    wish you a nice week

  7. You've got nice photos of your nephew. He is cute. :)
    I believe that taking care of a toddler is one of the most difficult stages of being a mum.

  8. It was -5 temperature and he want to play in park, park was empty all the childrens are at house, they dont want to come out and play in park in minus temp.


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