Coins Collection

Coin collection is a hobby mostly people have. Usually it is associated with those people, who travel a lot. Here is the collection of my brother. He used to collect coins and postal tickets of different countries. Now he got busy in other priorities of life and might forgotten about his collection. Hopefully i may remind him about through this post. I recently find this stuff  SO now i am gonna share and dedicated the post to my brother. I am sure he will enjoy it :)


  1. Beautiful and interesting collection of notes and coins, and I also collect coins Romanian!
    A great week!

  2. money money ! your brother is a rich man, lol !
    it's always moving to have some coins in the hand !
    so many people did it too before !
    Kiran I wish you (and your brother) a lovely week

  3. Wao great to see these currency notes from Thailand and China and other countries. It remembered me my travelling and a film about my travel run in my mind. Thanks for rememberence my cute sister

  4. Wao great to saw those currency notes from Thailand and China and other countries, It remembered me my travel and film run in my mind about my travel. Thanks you my cute sister.

  5. I love to see all currency from around the world.

  6. This great collection made me so jealous of you. Thanks for sharing your collection.

  7. But look what a beautiful collection! Also, my sister collect coins, but she still continues to pick them!


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