My Jeep adventurous ride to Siripaya in shogran kaghan

Travel to siripaya, one of highest mountain peak in valley of Kaghan, situated in Pakistan is one of the adventurous trip that i have made in first week of june 2013. It is basically the camping base for many adventure lovers, the youth and students. I took a jeep ride from Shogran to Siripaya that was about 7 km but spent the distance in 40mintues because the rout to Siripaya was totally inaccessible through car or any other vehicle. Only jeeps can take you to the beautiful mountain top , where you can view the spectacular and splendid view of Mount Makra and the charming valley and meadows of Siripaya.

After arriving to the peak one have either to hire a horse ride to reach to the meadow or to go by foot. Both are interesting. I follow by foot to reach my favorite spot of Siripaya in the FIRST PICTURE, One of my most favorite spot.
One thing i would suggest that there should be a separate path for horses and  to take the travelers to the meadow. Horses dung spread all over the area was looking so dirty and feeling unhygienic in such a lovely place...but unfortunately no option...nor the poor horse owners understand this nor the tourism department paying any attention to it. Lots of mosquito and flies were there making the tourist in trouble and we couldn't stay longer on such pretty lovely place.

I would suggest every one should visit Shogran, Siripaya at least once to enjoy this adventurous trip, and to enjoy the beautiful nature..No doubt the Divine equally bestowed this land with the same beauty as all over the world. The only need is to take care of our nature and environment keep our surroundings clean . We have to understand that we have to transfer it to our next generation with out destructed and impaired.


  1. Beautiful place to spend your life in, and Jeeps, superb.

  2. Its a shame about the horse droppings Kiran but seriously the views and vistas here are so amazingly breathtaking I don't think it would put me off....unless of course I stepped in i :)

  3. Thanks Kiran for posting lovely pictures of your trip. Hope you must have enjoyed your stay there.

  4. I love the mountains and hills, so of course I like this post very much! Especially the first picture I think is my favorite.
    I would very much like to visit Pakistan one day.

  5. Oh i thought pakistan is more of desert :-) so u also have jeepneys ;-) i love the scenery but i hope the locals will do something with the horse dung

  6. Greetings Kiran, good to be back from my travels and see your blog again, fascinating pics of a country that few of us know much about. Look forward to seeing more of them!

  7. beautiful..I don't have words to admire this...Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great photos Kiran!!!
    So beautiful mountains, nice people, colors!
    I agree with you absolutely, that we need to preserve the environment. It is our very life.
    many regards

  9. Ciao Kiran, trips in nature have a charm and beauty that takes breath away!
    A hug to you and serene days!


  10. Hello, Kiran palwasha.

      Your exquisite work leads my impression.
      The passion for the art.  It is universal.

      Thank you visit to my garden.
      The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, friday night  ruma❃

  11. Oh it has been awhile since I could find time to come visit, but so glad I did this early morning. What breath taking scenery. I can't believe how much it looks just like the area I live in. You could be here on the mountain tops out of my valley. Thank you for sharing such beautiful country and your adventure into it.


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