Oriental style Gold jewelry

Jewelry has been of special importance for women across the ages. It not only enhances women beauty but also make her feel special. If  Diamond symbolize the lasting relationship between man and a woman, then Gold jewlery symbolizes wealth, good health, personal power.

Gold is associated with the Sun which is a symbol of happiness, success, prosperity. Wearing gold in every day life increases personal power and will power. Wearing gold chains and bracelets also preserve good health.

 It is said that jewelry making first found in ancient Egypt, where it is used not only to beautify a woman but also have some symbolic and hidden meanings like protection against an evil eye, for prosperity, good fortune etc, Even today in different societies different kind of jewelry is worn by women for protection against evil eyes. They might not be gold but still the different colors and beads in black threads are suppose to be a protection. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Why women loves jewelry? This is a questions and probably it will comes with lots of answers. The jewelry you choose might be reflecting your personality.

Now adays lots of designers with creativity have made very astonishing jewelry to adorn the body, however the asian oriental jewelry have their own unique and exclusive designs that are very much popular among the people of these areas. Some have symbolic values. 

Apart from regular jewelry like necklace, earings, rings , bracelets there are lots of other exclusive one like nose pins, armbands. head bands, crowns etc are popular in asian countries. Among Pashtuns the ethnic group different kinds of Coin jewelry are in use since the ages. Usually they love to wear some how original pounds coin bracelets, necklaces and earing. However now a days original gold pounds are not available for jewelry yet the replica goes very well especially the hanging coins make the bracelts even more unique and they get noticed quickly.

 Another unique ornament i want to share here is the Snake Armband. Usually snake is one of the oldest and widespread mythological symbols. For example the snake was the symbol of royality in the early egyptian society. Not only snake armband is associated mostly with Cleopatra but oftenVictorian jewelry used an entwind snake to symbolize infinity and eternal love.


  1. Wow! Nice information about jewelries. I must admit that I didn't know that wearing
    gold can bring us luck:)
    Have a nice day:)

  2. Precioso reportaje, Kiran!!!...he visto los anteriores, muy buenos, felicidades!!!

    Muchas gracias y un gran abrazo!!! ;)

  3. love this post Kiran and the images of these gorgeous jewels

  4. Not my favourite precious metal, still I agree that gold has an elegance like very few others..


  5. Hello, Kiran palwasha.

      Attractive works.
      You are the excellent artist.

      I thank for your usual and hearty support.
      Have a good day.  
      From Japan, ruma ❀

  6. Thank you for nice information. I like to see those jewelry. Speaking to the snake, I found it at the entrance of the old pharmacy in Germany. So it seems to be symbol of medicine in Middle Ages in Europe,too.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Thanks sarah for info. sharing about snake. ahh yea i also noticed that German Homeopathy says "Like Cures Like" means if a snake bites then same snake can be used as a healer as its poison is used in medicines too and snake is also associated with a powerful healer and even as " Elixir of life".

      Thanks for liking.

  7. Hello Kiran Palwasha !

    i thought i have lost a great and sweet friend but no , she is still here some where around .well i am not interested in jewelry but i love the way you represent them .It's hard to find a sweet friend but it's Impossible to forget a friend like you .i am so sure i won't ever forget about you .never mind , keep it up what you are doing .

    have a great wonderful life .......

    an Old Friend

    1. Thanks. May i know who is this old friend?

  8. PAPASH ! how are you?

    by the way ,what if you will receive an electric shock ?will you still heal him by an other electric shock ? here German Homeopathy seems failed to me .

    1. There is an electroshock therapy, however it is not used in homeopathy yet it as a standard treatment for brain stimulation, especially when medication fails.

  9. I like to think that we women love jewelry because through their symbolism we can speak even without uttering words!

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