crockery and home decor tips and ideas.

One of my favorite categories at Al-Fateh in Centaurus is Crockery and home decor so i decided to share some of my favorite photographs along with some quick tips and ideas. You might consider some beautiful vases and crystal decoration pieces to accessorize your home.

 I am sure they looks good as well keeping you and your family to stay organized. Have such beautiful and fragile pieces at home needs special attention, disciplin and care. However i would suggest to decorate home with budget friendly interiors and decor so you might feel relax and comfortable. Usually the wall hangings are much convenient and easy to manage in comparison to articles placed on table and shelves.

The following one are bit expensive and can be bought in special cases. As many of them are imported. Any how to beautify your home and having a complete look i would personally prefer to have atleast a couple of some accessories like these at home either it should be in your bedroom or in drawing room. In living room and tv lounge it might be risky to have them especially if there are kidz around in home.
Apart from decorative accessories i found some of the gorgeous crockery too. Again the same rules applied for buying crockery that i have earlier mentioned for home accessories.

In Pakistan especially parents gives expensive crockery items to their daughters in dowry and it is very interesting to mention here that those crockery stay whole life in the shelf and rarely comes out for use in actual. Only some times when very very special guest (Some how VIP's among relatives) only then the daughter in law is asked to bring these expensive utensils out of cabnets for serving to guests.
Some of the beautiful crockery and cutlery that complets one's dinning experience can be found here.
Fine Crystal engraved and in different designs and cuts mostly imported one can be found here too.

Beautiful floor lamps that you can adjust according to your moods by purchasing different shades and fabrics.
last but not the leaste i found beautiful Quran Rehl in both golden and silver. A very unique and beautiful yet expensive one hmmm. One Rehl is approximately 60,000 Rs.


  1. Wow and wow. So fantastic! Yes, I wish I could buy one of those:)

  2. Beautiful display of crockery.

  3. Ciao Kiran, they are really delicious; a big hug to you!


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