Ruins of red fort in Muzafarabad Azad Kashmir

These are the ruins of historical fort in muzafarabad known as Red Fort. This fort is a witness to the ancient history of this great city as well the deadly earthquake of 8th october 2005, when this area was one of the most damaged one due to earthquake. It's large portion was destroyed. It is situated in front of mountain that's big part slide into river Neelum  and blocked that. Apart from that this mountain slide also destroyed it's foothill residential area. This mountain is clearly visible from this fort.
It is said this fort is constructed by Sultan muzafar khan, the founder of city. I took some photographs of the fort and it's really nice place. Fort is situated on the bank of river Neelum having beautiful location.

Grey part of mountain slide during earthquake and done lot of damaged 

Grey side of the mountain slide over the foothills residential area as well fell into river Neelum during 8th october 2005 earthquake.


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