The crown of Kashmir, Travel Neelum Valley to explore the hidden beauty!

My travel to Neelum Valley is such an awesome experience because it has beautiful grass covered hills, and is densely forested region in Azad Kashmir and i love being stay at mountains. Road is good up till Athmuqam. After that road is some ok and some broken. Beware these bumpy jumpy roads may give you severe headache too before reaching to these beautiful sights of Neelum Valley.

Neelum Valley running parallel to KaghanValley. The two valleys are separated by snow covered peaks. Scenic beauty, panoramic views, lush green forests, and attractive surroundings makes the valley a dream comes true. There is such an enchanting beauty that can mesmerize every body.

These sightseeing  trip to Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir enroute Muzafarabad, Keran. Jagran, Shardha is one of the memorable experience for my life time.

Shardha is one of the breath taking green spot where Shardi and Nardi are the two mountain peaks over looking the valley. It's called Valley of civilization and is named after the legendary princess Shardha. It has captivating landscapes . Ruins of old Buddhist Monastery are also present here. It's also famous for ruins of famous temple and hindu pilgrimage site at shardha peeth but it's too difficult to reach up there because the guide told that there you should go hiking mountain for 2 hours. hmm that's bit difficult i think ..Bit adventurous!


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