Ibne batuta Mall Dubai

As it name suggests this Mall is named after the famous Moroccan traveller Ibne Batuta and it is suppose to be world largest theme shopping mall based on the travellings of Ibne batuta. It is divided in 6 zones and each presents the architecture of the regions that Ibne batuta travelled. Like China court, Egypt, Tunisia, Andalusia, persian and indian courts.
Pyramids, temples, the kings and queens engraved on the walls
Egypt court tells the history of ancient times.
Entrance to Ibne batuta Mall through Egypt Court
The architecture inside the egypt court

A beautiful Arabic atmosphere 

Arabic theme

Blue skies and cloudy top is the court of Tunisia. A very beautifully
 presenting the old time Tunisia from historical perspective
 how the streets and markets in Tunisia used to be.

Very interesting and artistic designs made by a very talented artist
putting sand in small glass pot with a small needle inside making different designs.

Here is the Persia Court. A home to the dome. Captivating masterpiece
the ceiling in blues and yellows tones painted by
talented artists.

It is the place where you may get a little museum realted to all Ibne batuta travels and history.

Under this beautiful dome is located the coffee shop so don't forget to have your coffee here

China Court is the home to big theaters and cinema screens


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