Makham Mahsuri . Legendary story in Langkawi Island.

 Langkawi is a beautiful island.There is also a story associated with beautiful girl named "Mahsuri" and her curse . It is said that the curse she has given to the island was lifted with the birth of her 7th generation descendant. During 18th century, it is said there was a young girl named Mahsuri who was accused of adultery and executed by stabbing, though she pleaded her innocence but no body believed her.  Her tomb Makham Mahsuri is now a tourist attraction on the Langkawi island. At the time of her death she cursed Langkawi to have  7 generations of bad luck. People of langkawi believe this legend to be true bcoz Langkawi was a sleeping island until 20th century, when the 7th generation of langkawi were supposedly to pass and only after that the island start flourishing in tourism and becomes prosperous.


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