Pick your own delicious strawberries. Delightful strawberries.

We love strawberries and no one can resist the perfectly ripe red colored strawberries but the most interesting thing is to visit the strawberry farm and pick your own delicious selected one from there. I got a chance in Malaysia cameron highland, a perfect destination for observing and enjoying the tea plantation, lavender, strawberries farms.
There are two famous places to go for chasing strawberries in Malaysia. One is at Genting highland and another one is Cameron highland. In both places visitors can pick fresh strawberries. There is a gift shop, cafe having fresh strawberry juice and ice cream parlour. Strawberries are one of the best source of antioxidants. Add more strawberries to your diet as they more juicy delicious and summery.

Well here is a pretty handsome lil guy behind me.. I didn't noticed
 but he did mine and his dress has same color patterns. such a lovely small guy.


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